Employee Training Saves Stores.

Stores who train employees have lower violation rates and are less likely to be fined or disqualified.

Thorough Training

Our training programs have been developed with the assistance of experts, professionals, government agencies and store owners to be thorough and complete.

Easy Employee Management

Add and train employees quickly using our web-based platform designed for use on cell phones.  Each training is designed to be entertaining but informative in order to keep the employee engaged.

Powerful Reporting

Our powerful employee, store and course reporting tools give you quick and easy access to detailed results.  You can assign managers to each store who will receive employee testing results, and who can identify employee mistakes before they happen.

Easy Store and Employee Management

Simple Owner/Manager Dashboard

Store owners and managers can easily add, remove & manage employees, add new stores, new training courses, and review reports.   Accessible on mobile devices, tablets and desktops, managers can utilize the system in the store or in the office.

Powerful Reporting

Syllabi offers reports that can be broken down by store, employee, company, or course.  Furthermore, employee testing results can be reviewed to identify areas of confusion or misunderstanding.  Store owners can use this information to determine store compliance effectiveness, as well as employee and management performance.

Effective & Creative Training

A significant issue with employee training is engagement with the learning material.  That's why Syllabi's trainings have been developed to be visually engaging, linguistically simple, and engaging.  Using this approach, we've found that employees absorb and retain material more effectively than through traditional lectures and power points.

Simple Employee Access

Employees can be trained using their own mobile device, or a tablet or computer at the store.  Each employee has their own dashboard with a list of their courses and results.  This no-hassle approach allows employees to enter and engage the system quickly and without trouble.

Training Feedback & Correction

As employees are tested through the system, Syllabi will provide feedback and retraining on topics that employees struggle with or are confused by.  

Custom, Enterprise and Packaged Trainings

Syllabi's flexible plans allow you to pre-select training programs for discounts, or choose your own courses to fit your business.  We also offer a managed solution for companies who would like our assistance in overseeing training and records compliance.

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