Why Choose Syllabi Training?

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Syllabi SNAP training is unique in the industry. The lessons and content are the result of dozens of interviews with USDA personnel, SNAP professionals and experts, and store owners. Each lesson is designed to impart the necessary skills and information to the employee to prevent SNAP violations, and to provide the store with a safety net in the event of unintentional or intentional employee violations.

SNAP regulations strongly encourage stores to participate in annual training, and require stores to maintain rigorous records of the training sessions themselves. The benefits are straightforward: any first time offending store that has been accused of trafficking in SNAP benefits will be granted a Civil Money Penalty instead of a permanent disqualification from the program - and will keep the store owner from having personal exposure to inclusion in the U.S. Federal excluded persons list maintained on the System for Awards Management (SAM). Stores that have trained will also have a stronger position in minor infractions, as punishments for minor store violations only occur where store ownership and management has not been

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